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Hello UBOC!

We have just returned from the EUOC weekend in Sheffield. The weekend was marked by excellent terrain and some spectacularly long race times for myself and Rob. Meanwhile, the Welsh Champs were cancelled so Matt ended up smashing it around the Western Night League instead. This weekend has a selection of fell and orienteering races on offer. Bring it on!

EUOC -  Rob Elston

Just the three of us set off with an SU hire car Saturday morning: Nuhaadh still sidelined with a dancing injury... When we got to the peak district we launched straight into a "fun" relay. The fun factor was somewhat diminished by having to wait two hours in the snow and wind for my other two runners to finish before me. Essentially we were put into random teams of three and ran one after another: first team back wins. The course was an arduous 5km with lots of climb and sheep fields. Navigation however was mostly straight forward with plenty of paths in the middle section. I found the end the hardest as it was a steep descent into a river valley amongst broken ground and thistle bushes.

When we had finished we enjoyed a shower in Sheffield's sports centre, and a very useful swimming costume dryer. The SU was equally impressive (being no.1 in the country), and we had a filling meal before a celidh and, at last, a night's sleep on the floor of a village hall. Not only did we miss out on a traditional veggie curry for dinner but, since we were unsure of the facilities, we didn't buy porridge either!

On Sunday we drove back up to a similar place to Saturday where the SYO had arranged for a whole road to be closed. That road was extremely exposed being nearly 400m up. The windy and even snowy conditions demanded a compulsory cagoule and whistle. And much to Peter's annoyance it wasn't even enforced. The race itself was on a moor with heather up to the waist, 10m tall crags, decent sized rivers, and, of course, a boulder field from hell. I spent nearly 40 mins in that rocky bomb site labyrinth that was only about 300m wide. I found Peter near the end; he was looking like one who, on a lonely road, doth walk in fear and dread. Out of the 9 controls in that place, hidden behind a thousand thousand slimy things, I found one with good navigation, 3 by following a likely orienteer, and 5 by shear luck - except it wan't exactly luck since I spent so long in there I deserved to find them. By then it was getting late and I was beginning to feel like the mariner home from an epic journey. The smell of Onosh guided me in like a landing strip to a plane and once back in the car and out the wind, then, and only then, were we feeling ready for the next one!

Southern Night Champs


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Hello UBOC!

It was great to see so many of you out orienteering and fell running this weekend, which you can read about below. This week, we will be doing a Christmassy trip to Bath for Wednesday training and another packed weekend of races. See you there!

Race reports
  • Mallards’ Pike Middle Distance race, Saturday 30th November - Peter Dobra

    As a warm-up to the double lot of Southern Champs, Tom and I did a middle distance orienteering race on some slightly unusual Forest of Dean terrain. The brashings were familiar, but the ditches, lack of hills and lack of brambles were not. On the way to the start, I provided some inaccurate directional information so we sauntered up some random track into the forest before making a u-turn. We both did the Black course, which was 6km long with 21 controls. The lack of brambles made matters very fast, but the flatness meant sloppiness crept in. In fact, I was accused of slacking by Tom and Lawrence because I was almost immobile due to struggling to find a control when they both passed me. Out of 27 runners, I finished in 20th in 62:51 and Tom came 11th in 45:39 just in front of Megan even though he was being careful to not get his feet too wet all the way around the course. An extra morsel of excitement came when attempting to depart for the next race: Gwen’s car failed to start due to a flat battery so we did the good old-fashioned push start. All in all, it was an excellent warm-up for the much longer races to come.
  • Southern Night Champs-Rob Elston

    On the earth, even in the darkest night, the light never wholly abandons his rule. It is diffused and subtle, but little as may remain, the retina of the eye is sensible of it. And none more so than on the final night of autumn. A full UBOC squad past and present assembled to take on the southern night champs. The course was set in a disused ammunition storage facility. Parts of it looking like the Nevada test site in the 1950s but, somehow, more eerie. There where rows and rows of identical cuboid buildings and each one had its own driveway and protective earth wall. Some of the buildings had warning signs and symbols of gas masks. It was like an urban, but it was possible to get lost. The earth walls were my favourite part. A good 6m tall, and many coated in brambles that looked okay, but once you put a foot into them, you were dragged down like quicksand and suddenly up to your neck in gorse. If you ever go back to Caerwent, always go round on the road rather than trying to be James Bond. It was all fun and games up to that bit...

    Anyway the rest of the area was mostly fast, flat, and open - much of it with roads. The sheep, glowed up under head torch, looked like they had eaten something radioactive - probably what happens if you spend too much time in a place like this.

    After getting back to the start hut, there was a shortish prize giving (well done Dan on winning M20). Dan and I then waited for David to come back - we were worried that he had got lost as the prize giving had ended and he said he wanted to get back early to please the wife - before he triumphantly appeared in the doorway. Turns out David's run was quite eventful (as all the best are). He told us about it on the way home, as well as reminiscing on his army days. I'd like to thank David for driving Dan and me, and well done to everyone who ran.

    Dan finished the Brown in 71:23, Peter took 87:51 finishing 2nd in M20. I finished in 31st on the Blue in 75:52.

Lake District Training Weekend


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What a great week! We have just returned from our final weekend away of this term, which you can read about below. Weekend trips will return next term for some inter-university racing. Some of us have also been trying out our night orienteering skills. We have another load of fantastic activities in store this week.

Race reports
  • Blaise Estate - Meredith Moody

    As I wasn’t keen enough to go on the training trip, I thought I’d attend the Blaise Castle night race. This was a score event – you get one hour to do the controls in any order you like. The ones further away and harder to find are worth more points. This was only my second night event and I’m not very tactical, so I just picked one half of the map and went in a big kind-of circle.

    This was the first time I got to use my brand new SIair, which was great. I scooped up 300 out of 600 available points, picking up a two-point penalty for being 11 seconds late back. This put me at 19th out of 40! Hurrah!

    Shout out to Matt Whipple for being the only person to grab all of the controls, coming in first place. Congrats to Robert Elston on your 17th position finish

  • Blaise Estate - Rob Elston

    With everyone else in the Lake district, I headed off for a solo double in Blaise Castle. This one was within walking distance (just) so as the fog was rolling in and the sun starting to hide below the horizon, I entered the estate from the south heading towards the car park. As I made my way to the start I even got a sneak peek at a few controls. But then, as it got really dark, I slipped down a valley: time to turn the head torch on! There wasn't much hanging around at the start and I got going almost straight away. The difference with this race was that there was no set course and you just had to get to as many controls as possible within the hour. My tactic was to use my pace to get out to the controls far away form the start which were easier to find and worth a maximum of 30 points. The forest seemed to twinkle in a peculiar light. Five minutes in I checked my watch; apparently I had been going more like 20 minutes! Luckily I had made it to the edge of the course so I turned back trying to pick up as many as I could along the way. If it wasn't for a lucky find meaning I could work out where I was and pick up extra points, I probably wouldn't have mad it back within the hour. Anyway I did - and with a respectable 305 points too.
    The following day I went back to that Gothic castle on the hill - as if I hadn't had enough by then. In my opinion the castle is the least interesting part of the whole place. Armed with a prior knowledge of the area form last night, I felt unstoppable. The problem was that everyone else was form BOK and probably knew the area better than I did! I tackled the Light Green head on leaping over a rope that I was told was an invisible passable impassable fence (basically it wasn't on the map so it was all fine). Making my way through familiar terrain, I began to claw back the time that I always loose at the start from staring at the map. As I made my way past the river and up the hill I hit a string of fastest splits which put me back in second and then into the lead with one control to go. Sadly I had failed to find this control yesterday but I had no choice but to this time. I lost five minutes running round trees looking for that final control and not even the sprint finish could make up for the lost time. I finished 2nd on the light green out of 26 by 2 minuets and 20 seconds. I really good race for me with only one mistake. Already looking forward to southern champs next week!
  • Lake District Weekend - Tom Dixon

    As with all exiting UBOC weekends, the sharing of facebook live locations initiated the start of the Lakes trip. Five UBOC subjects were crammed into Pickering’s car, and with our laps piled high with orienteering gear the five hour journey commenced. This time enabled the construction of the most efficient shopping list in UBOC history, meaning we were in and out of Tesco’s in less than 20 minutes. Unfortunately our dreams for acquiring the much desired ‘Groovy Bars’ were quickly flattened when Peter, the master of missing plumbs, reported them to also be missing. Retreating to Matt’s house we masterfully cooked a cheesy triangle hot pot, straying away from the classic UBOC veggie chilli. Matt took the some of group on a running tour of the village whist the hot pot was cookin’ and we finally ate at 10:30. The night ended with warm showers and slightly frozen cheesecake for dessert, what more could you ask for?!

    Our first orienteering stop was Esthwaite Intake. EUOC (Edinburgh) members arrived in two mini buses and a car, 34 of them In total, which was more than all of the other clubs combined! The terrain was mainly what you would expect from a standard lakes trip: Brecon, hills and swampy grounds. However the added dead twigs that littered the floors in the open areas made the area a lot less runnable. Overall the weather was decent with very little rain and calm winds. It was a sad moment when Josiah dropped his cheese sandwich, but we stayed strong and eventually moved on to the next area in Haverthwaite Heights, right after taking a wrong turn which invoked a 20 minute detour and lots of gated roads. This area was much more runnable, covered in forrest and had lots of walls, however it was quite hilly. Josiah completed his first solo orienteering route! The days orienteering finished with a race to the accommodation, Matt making a bold choice to take a different route back that put us in first place. The accommodation, that we shared with Exeter, was something like you would see in a horror movie - a log cabin in the woods, which at night was shrouded by the darkness. Equipped with a log burner and bored games, we settled down in the warmth of the social area with some well earned veggie chilli, s’mores and home made flapjack. All was peaceful...but not for long.

    Just as Peter, master of missing plums, was nodding off in the arm chair, EUOC and the other universities swarmed the cabin, could this be...a social! Alcohol was consumed, twister and UNO were played, and stressful music choices were made. The party went on well into the night, past the traditional UBOC bedtime. It eventually ended, and us and Exeter cleaned up the drunken mess, heading to bed at a respectable 12:30 am, ready to face the final day of orienteering.

    Josiah cooked us some fabulous eggy bread to line our stomachs, followed with some jellied porridge, before we headed to the Great Tower for some rocky and contour-heavy training! Saying goodbye to our fellow orienteers, we prepared for yet another very squished journey back to the land of Bristol. Goodbye Lakes, see you again next year...

Dartmoor Training Weekend


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Bristol, Bath and Exeter Dartmoor Weekend - Dan Weaver

After Peter missed the bus by 30 seconds, leaving Luke on his own to pick up the car,we all met at the water tower for an early start to head down to Dartmoor. Unfortunately,the M5 south junction out of Bristol was closed forcing us either to Wales or the Midlands,we chose Wales. After a quick turnaround in a different country we were finally heading
in the correct direction.

With near-perfect timing we arrived at Haldon Forest Park. We quickly split into groups and set off on a yellow course to warm up. Peter and Dan were too fast for the group
and quickly left them behind and finished the yellow course without the knowledge that everyone else had stopped at control 6 to venture deeper into the forest. This meant
that we met with Nerissa, Vincent and Luke back in the car park very confused. After a quick call to Georgia and some phone orienteering (which Dan was now well trained in
after Merthyr Mawr) we arrived at the start of the proper training.

We started on a star course and all quickly found that the forest was quite dirty (although not quite as bad as an NGOC forest). After quickly completing a few controls we set off on the route choice course. Dan had his second fall of the weekend, hitting his knee on a rock causing some complaining later (so no change there then).

We then headed back to the car for lunch and decided we would have a short walk up Bellever Tor. After arriving in the smaller than expected car park the weather came in
quickly. We decided to wait it out huddled in the car. As soon as a break came we hastily made our way up the hill. The top was very windy preparing us for later. We had some time to do a little climbing and to take some photos before the rain started again.

We then went to the scout hut we were staying in for the night. And after quite a bit of dawdling we went to Lidl to buy our food. Exeter and most of Bath swarmed the pizza aisle while the more sensible UBOC and some of Bath got the ingredients together for a classic veggie chilli. We all decided to take our items back in cardboard boxes from the vegetable aisle, which some of us used for extra padding to sleep on later.

Leaving Matt Pembery to cook us chilli and Exeter cooking their pizzas, we headed out with Bath to do some night training. We were all very reluctant to leave the cars
and get out into the elements. Dan braved the conditions first putting out controls and heading the UBOC/Bath train. After 2 controls and some cow dodging it was all going
well, the third control however caused a few problems. Luke had caught up walking and we both wandered around but couldn't quite find it. Eventually we stumbled across a
very small depression and concluded we were in the right place.

From there the group split. 3 went back for a missed flag, 4 went for a few more controls round the back of the hill and the others made their way to the top of the tor. Dan and Luke went round the back of the hill where it was very, very windy,
almost strong enough to blow Dan's head torch off while Luke decided to go with no head torch at all. Eventually the group reconvened at the top of the hill and all headed back down
at quite some pace, as we were all very hungry by this point.

We arrived back at he hut and devowered Matt Pembery's veggie chilli and cooked another apple crumble (not quite to Rob's family recipe). Not long later we went to bed.

It was an early start for most of UBOC as we had to put out controls. Taking 2 members from the Bath contingent we headed for Hone Moor. After creating another all-controls
map and playing the map cutting game we headed for the remote start of the 3rd training area. About halfway however, Dan realised that he did not have his compass, and in
the time it took him to get back to the car the others had arrived complaining about ours lowness to get going. After catching back up we put out all of the controls; some being
quite a way away. All contol setters returned promptly to start as early as possible only to see the rest of the group just leaving the car park over a kilometre away.

Once they had arrived we had a minute's silence and had a good morning of training. The terrain was technical and was very waterlogged in places, causing streams where
there shouldn't have been.

It was soon time to collect controls back in. Some newbies from Exeter picked up a control on their way back to the finish, leaving Bertie very confused.

Finally we headed back to the car, taking a very Peter Dobra route choice straight through the gorse. And after a leisurely lunch we headed to Exeter University for our final training.

After finding a parking spot, we put out controls and with what energy we had left we completed an odds and evens relay. This gave the students in the library a good distraction from their studies as about 20 orienteers ran from all directions to a control right outside their window. This was mostly uneventful and a great way to finish off the weekend.

We all headed home quite tired; dropped Peter off with more stuff than he could carry and Nerissa and Vincent were left in a dodgy back ally after Luke expertly pulled off
a 7 point turn. Eventually everyone arrived home feeling ready for the next one.

November Classic Weekend


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November Classic Weekend - Dan Weaver, Matt Pickering

The meeting location for the weekend was clearly familiar to us all thanks to the GeoGuessr social, however we still all arrived late. 10 minutes after the stated time we set off. Matt had pumped up his tyres for the increased safety of his passengers. Due to the early start we all fell asleep while it was raining, until the rugby came on. Matt got very annoyed at the loss, and turned the radio off in the final minutes. We eventually arrived in Chichester (and it was still raining). Some of us decided to tape our nipples for extra protection; Dan did not to his detriment. We then braved the elements for our 6.4km and 4.4km courses. We all got very wet and went down MANY dead ends, some of us even went through some out of bounds areas. The Men's open course ended up being 12km, Matt came 5th in 53:09, Dan came 7th in 53:55, Peter came 15th in 59:35, Rob came 20th in 64:48 and Nuhaadh came 67th in 66:02 on course 4.

We then made our way to Tesco, spotting a crash (not Matt for once), and played the splits game. We then went shopping for tea and by the time we had finished the Lougers(LUOC) had already arrived at the scout hut. On the way back we realised we had no custard so sent Peter into a a small shop on the way, he returned with one can for 12 people. We immediatly sent him back in for more.

We eventually arrived at the hut and cooked a veggie chilli and lots of Rob's traditional family apple crumble, this passed without incident and went down very well.

Later on some youths parked outside playing loud music and scaring us, some even came in to use the toilet and left without saying anything. We then played Encrypto, Dan and Rob correctly guessed Peter and Adam's (LUOC) code twice in a row, a 1/576 chance. We then went to bed.

The Lougers woke early and successfully cooked us tonnes of porridge without burning it. Which they left for us to clear up. Rob then made LOTS of sandwiches before we left. Dan worked his charm once again on the "key lady" and we headed to the New Forest. After a wrong turn and dodging many cross country runners we just about squeezed into the car park. The race was very wet due to the recent heavy rain, this involved there being shin high marshes that weren't mapped. Dan had lots of small mistakes, and Matt had one very big one. Peter and Lawrence (ex club captain) formed the UBOC train for the majority of the course. Rob missed out 4 controls and Nuhaadh found only 1 control while managing to run 10km. Matt got absolutely smoked by Dan, coming 16th in 94:26, 8 seconds behind the 15th place from Dan in 94:18, with the entirety
of the lead coming from the run in. Lawrence came 26th in 112:53, and Peter ended in 31st in 121:26 all on the Black. As Rob and Nuhaadh mispunched they were disqualified. Ex UBOC memeber Sophie Gordon came 80th on the Short brown in a time of 133:03. Other notable mentions are Matt Pembery (Bath) coming second on the very short green while
only walking round.
We then made our way home feeling ready for the next one.