UBOC 10th Anniversary Weekend

16-17th September 2017

This year it is ten years since the University of Bristol Orienteering club was re-founded in 2007. Since then the club has grown and gone from strength to strength and we decided we wanted to celebrate with current members, recent alumni and alumni from the first incarnation of UBOC.

We like to celebrate in style, so we’re planning not just one race but a whole weekend of orienteering!

There are three events planned for the weekend:

UBOC 10th Anniversary Sprint Relay – Saturday 16 September (afternoon)

It seems only fitting that there should be a race on home turf, so the first event is a 2x2 sprint relay (in pairs, each person runs twice) around the University of Bristol campus. The area provides perfect terrain for a challenging sprint competition, as a combination of parkland and very intricate university buildings should reward both navigation and good running!

Ben Mitchell is preparing a new map and Megan Carter-Davies is planning the courses. Expect high-quality courses on an excellent map from these two elite atheletes.

How it works:

A sprint relay has 4 legs of roughly equal winning time run in succession as per a traditional relay. However, in this version there are only 2 runners per team. The relay starts with a mass start, following which runner A runs legs 1+3 and runner B runs legs 2+4.

SI boxes will be used and pictorial descriptions will be on the map.

Open class

The courses are handicapped to age class so that each course has an estimated winning time of 12 minutes.

Each pair in the open class (must be aged 16 or over on the day) is formed of people of any age class, gender or club.

Junior class

Same format as the open class, but both entrants must be less than 16 years old otherwise they will be classed as non-competitive (because the junior course is going to be very difficult to make long enough to be fair in the open class).

Juniors will use royal fort gardens and Royal Tankards road with marshals at road crossing.

No handicapping on this course (everyone runs the same 2 courses, random order).


Enter as a pair online (this will be set up shortly).

Pre-entry is highly recommended to facilitate handicapping. Otherwise only the longest course will be available on the day.

During online entry each pair should make clear who will be runner A and runner B.

If you do not have a partner, please enter as an individual and your name will be entered onto a runner bank list to pair people up. We will publish these lists upon the entry closing deadline and organise pairings according to age class.

More information on the Facebook event and BOK website; entry available soon via Fabian4.

Note that entry is open to everyone – this is not just an event for UBOC alumni.

Mapper: Ben Mitchell (UBOC)
Planner: Megan Carter-Davies (UBOC)
Organiser: Matthew Pickering (UBOC)
Controller: TBC

Alumni Meal (organised by Abi Kerr) – Saturday 16 September (evening)

A meal for current and former UBOC members to celebrate the achievements of the club in past 10 years (and to make Erinna feel old).

More details to follow soon.

Score Race in Ashton Court (planned by Tom Dobra, BOK race) – Sunday 17 September (morning)

If that wasn't enough, the following morning there is also a BOK race in the probably familiar Ashton Court. Rumours are that Tom is also planning some TrailO…

More information on the BOK website; entry available soon via Fabian4.

Organiser: Phil Fawkner-Corbett
Planner: Tom Dobra

Are you a UBOC member from days gone by?

We would like more information on the history of the first incarnation of UBOC so we can record it on this website. When was it founded? By whom? How did we fare at whatever BUCS was called at the time? If you have any stories, memories, photos or information to share please email orienteering.bristol@gmail.com before the anniversary weekend so we can put a little presentation together. If you have some hardcopy material bring it along and we will endeavour to scan it in.